Developing the Right Solution to Meet Your Needs

What Makes Us Different

We expect to live or die by our performance

We understand that a partnership means having skin in the game.   We’re not going to hide behind auto-renewing contracts, hidden fees or non-transparent costs.   Our role is to advise you to the best of our ability, with the most up to date information available in order to meet your needs and make good natural gas purchases on your behalf.   If you are not satisfied with our day-in day-out performance, we believe you should have the option to look elsewhere.

We’re the experts so you don’t have to be

Participating in the natural gas marketplace is a time-consuming process.  The many interactions with regional utilities, suppliers, and regulatory agencies are challenges we’re happy to handle on your behalf.   No doubt you have your hands full looking after your primary business.   Put your confidence in Energy Source and we’ll monitor the opportunities on your behalf.

We’re continually monitoring your portfolio

Markets change rapidly everywhere around the world.   One of the most volatile markets is Natural Gas Futures in North America.   With rapid changes comes the risk of finding your gas portfolio outside the safety boundaries you’ve set.   Energy Source is watching the market all day.   As your provider, we’re continually monitoring not only what the market is doing but how it affects you directly.   We will alert you when boundaries are approaching and advise you with opportunities as we see them develop.   The last thing you need is to be taken by surprise.

We share market opportunities with you

Many gas marketers use a business model where they bring you in with a low introductory price and subsequently use your account for their own benefit over the years.   We believe in a partnership approach where we treat the variables in your gas account as assets.   We continually look for and introduce you to opportunities to use these assets for our mutual benefit.   The Energy Source approach is to drive your costs lower over the long term not just beat the competition with the initial price quote.

We're focused on you

Energy Source is a small company with a deliberately limited number of customers.   While we are growing, our goal is to continue to work with a very manageable set of partners.   We stay on top of each customer’s portfolio monitoring its performance against the market and making appropriate adjustments.   Our hallmark is to keep you informed and able to make the strategic decisions without burying you in the details of the transaction.  

We’re available when you need us

Energy Source does not use a telephone screening system.  When you call our offices, you’ll be immediately in touch with someone who can start helping you right away.   We’re a small, dedicated team who remains familiar with the details of all our customers.   Not everything, though, happens within the confines of business hours.   We’re available on call and have systems that help us monitor the markets if something affects you after hours, on holidays, on over the weekends.   Our number one concern is to look after you and provide the highest level service possible.