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Natural Gas Market Is Ice Cold

Furnaces from Minnesota to Maine are running full-blast as frigid temperatures descend from the Arctic. But the natural-gas market is still ice cold. Prices for the fuel, used to heat half of U.S. homes, hit a more-than two-year low this week and are down 35% since mid-November. The arrival of freezing weather across most of the country hasn’t revived the market.

'T-Rex' of winters in store for Canada: Old Farmer's Almanac

Brace yourself: the Old Farmer’s Almanac has revealed its predictions for Canada’s upcoming winter season, and it’s not great news.
After last winter’s seemingly never-ending wickedly cold weather, residents in much of the country can expect more of the same in the coming months.
“We’re looking at the T-Rex of winters,” Jack Burnett, editor of the Old Farmer’s Almanac, said on CTV’s Canada AM on Thursday.
“It’s going to be colder, it’s going to be snowier … it’s not pretty.”

Will Western Canadian natural gas producers be affected by U.S. shale production?

Since the late fifties, a cluster of storage and transport facilities near Sarnia, Ontario, the so-called Dawn Hub, has received Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) gas via pipeline systems running both north and south of the Great Lakes. Dawn’s massive gas storage capacity has long provided high-trading liquidity for Ontario and New England fuel markets. Several factors are changing that arrangement, as western producers are forced to adjust to rapidly-changing gas market realities.

Forecasteres perplexed as markets shrug off depleted natural gas stockpiles

North America’s energy industry faces a massive task to refill natural gas inventories that were depleted by the frigid winter, and that should keep prices for the fuel well above those over the past several springs.

The moral of the natural gas/winter weather story

If the ancient Greek storyteller Aesop were alive today, he might have written a fable about North American energy markets. Aesop’s sheet of papyrus may have ended with the moral: “If you wait long enough, gas prices will go up.”

National Energy Board Winter Outlook 2013-14

Key Findings
The North American natural gas market will be well supplied this winter due to robust U.S. production, steady Canadian production and ample natural gas storage volumes.

Foreign Firms Tap U.S. Gas Bonanza

The U.S. boom in natural-gas production is luring investment from foreign manufacturers eager to tap a cheap, abundant supply of fuel and feedstocks.

Natural gas strategy needs to be based on more than hope

Hope. That's the one word which best describes the strategy of North American Natural gas producers in recent years.

Ever since the impact of the "shale gale" has made itself felt in North American natural gas markets, the word "hope" has been used when companies - and analyst types - have deigned to talk about the long-term market potential.

TransCanada, Enbridge square off over Toronto-area pipeline plan

TransCanada Corp. has launched a $4.5-billion lawsuit against rival Enbridge Inc. over a proposed 27-kilometre natural gas pipeline near Toronto that the companies had planned to develop.

The seductive myth of Canada's overvalued dollar

Three Canadian economic facts may come together in a disturbing way in the near future. First, the Canadian dollar is close to par with the U.S. dollar, and many pundits claim it is substantially overvalued. Second, Canadian exports have performed quite poorly since 2008, and there is little chance of a revival without a pick-up in U.S. and global growth. Third, the new Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz, was previously the head of Canada’s export-promotion agency, Export Development