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U.S. shale oil boom could re-write the Canadian economy's oil story

As a net commodities exporter, Canada has benefited from strong energy prices over the past decade. Indeed, the surging terms of trade (export prices relative to import prices) have stimulated corporate investment and job creation across the country, particularly in the Western provinces. Reflecting the importance of natural resources in the Canadian stock market benchmark, the S&P/TSX has outperformed its U.S. counterpart seven times in the past 10 years.
CLÉMENT GIGNAC The Globe and Mail

CN tries out liquefied natural gas to power locomotives

Canadian National Railway Co. is betting that rail is the next stop for natural gas, the plentiful commodity finding new industrial uses across North America.

At nation's truck stops, talk of diesel, gas, chicken and eggs

Carmel Church, Virginia (CNN) -- At the Flying J truck stop in rural Virginia, truck drivers can taste the coffee, smell the diesel and see the future.

The future lies in a remote corner of the parking lot, where workers recently planted two rows of gleaming new fuel pumps. They are labeled LNG -- liquefied natural gas.

TransCanada’s Mainline sees tolls frozen for five years

The federal regulator has frozen the tolls TransCanada Corp. can charge on its troubled Mainline gas pipeline for five years, saying the company cannot continue to raise costs to producers and consumers on a critical piece of the country’s energy infrastructure.

Gas Boom Projected to Grow for Decades

WSJ - U.S. natural-gas production will accelerate over the next three decades, new research indicates, providing the strongest evidence yet that the energy boom remaking America will last for a generation.

Hedge funds down, not out in tricky US natgas market

David Coolidge may still be the king of U.S. natural gas hedge fund managers but his $2 billion Velite Capital has made less than half of last year's money while one of his biggest rivals is headed for a loss in an unusually tricky year for traders.

Waking giant-Marcellus Shale bullies U.S. gas market

(Reuters) - U.S. natural gas prices escaped a rout this summer as record heat helped reduce towering inventory levels. This winter, fierce cold will be needed to help absorb the newest barrage of supply that will again test the limits of an over-supplied market.

Natural gas market prices on the mend

Globe and Mail Martin Mittelstaedt - Good news is developing on the natural gas price front, at least for commodity bulls, as a number of signs suggest that the worst could finally be over for the fuel.

Over the past four years, while silver, corn and other commodities have been on a tear, natural gas has headed south.

Midwest route to Ontario new threat to Western gas

A billion-dollar plan to pipe substantial new supplies of U.S. natural gas into Ontario stands to dramatically displace the Western gas that has long fed Central Canada.

The Marcellus Changes Everything - Part III: The Great Flow Reversal of 2016

published by Rusty Braziel on Mon, 07/02/2012 - 22:19

Over the past six months, natural gas production in the Marcellus has continued to ramp up, despite low gas prices and pipeline capacity constraints. It would have grown even faster if capacity had not held back well completions. But new pipeline capacity is coming, and as it comes on line, the production growth rate will accelerate. In the not too distant future, the Northeast will no longer need imports from Canada. Then imp

For oil executives, the fracking revolution raises spectre of a gas flashback

Peter Tertzakian The Globe and Mail
I don’t know any oil executives who use Twitter, but if they did, their "trending" hashtag might be #gasflashback. Behind this virtual podium, their tweets would focus on what is now the most anxiously-asked question in the oil patch: "Can the fracking revolution do to oil prices what it has done so ruthlessly to North American natural gas?"

Record coal stockpiles could squelch U.S. natgas recovery

A mountain of excess U.S. coal supplies may squash this spring’s recovery in natural gas prices that came as power plants snatched up the fuel as it plumbed 10-year lows.

Even if gas prices remain cheaper than coal in terms of the energy they generate, as they have since 2010, utilities may be forced to burn more of the dirtier fuel in order to prevent a record rise in coal stockpiles from overflowing.

Natural gas storage facilities mark record highs

Prices down more than 50% since June 2011
CALGARY - Natural gas storage facilities across North America have reached record high inventories, leading some to turn away customers and raising the threat of a late summer price collapse.

The natural gas highway: A wide open road of opportunity

Have you heard about the “new” alternative transportation fuel? No, it's not hydrogen, corn ethanol, or biodiesel.

Dow Chemical considers locking in low gas prices

* Dow Chemical looking at natural gas hedging-CEO

* Prices expected to jump later this decade

* Volatility in trading continues to rise

By Ernest Scheyder

NEW YORK, Feb 3 (Reuters)

Natural gas: the turnaround kid in waiting

A growing number of observers say evidence is mounting that gas prices are nearing a turning point, and that the stage is being set for a revival as soon as the next few months.

An Argument for Why Natural Gas Can Only Go Higher

With a Republican controlled Congress and Washington gridlock upon us, we need to refocus on the only remaining energy sector sure to benefit: natural gas.

It's time to increase exposure to this still unbelievably cheap fuel and the stocks tied to it. Everything points to this being a relative bottom for both.

A Greenhouse Revolution

Israel, the country that has revolutionised agriculture with its scientific technology, is now looking at the huge agrarian market in north India, and ways to encash it.

Approach of winter unlikely to cure natural gas industry's price headache

The gas storage situation is very likely to become acute this week when a new record-high gas volume will be recorded in US storage for this time of year. And by the end of November all facilities combined are projected to be pressurized to 3.9 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), just shy of the 4.0 Tcf capacity.

Fear and Fuel in Northeast

Backlash on shale gas drilling is starting to pick up steam. It started with a documentary and will likely lead to more regulation and taxation.

Down with Coal-Fired Plants

Environment Minister Jim Prentice has told Canada’s major electricity producers that they’ll have to gradually retire their coal-fired plants and replace them with cleaner sources of power – a plan that would be a boon to natural gas producers.

An Unconventional Glut

An excellent article published recently in The Economist explaining the economics, technology, politics and geology of Shale Gas. Discusses the changes in the market and its possible ramifications in the years to come.

Quebec shale gas find could redraw Canada's energy map

Shale gas has changed the face of the market this past year. Is there something special about the Marcellus, Barnett and Horn River fields or are they just the tip of the shale iceberg? The Globe and Mail reports on early findings that may have repercussions on what we traditionally think of as an Alberta asset.

Pickens' Bullish Natural Gas Call Makes Sense

Well-known Texas oil tycoon and born-again environmentalist T.Boone Pickens was back in the headlines again. Instead of pitching the benefits of wind energy this time, Pickens' focus has shifted to natural gas. In a new TV ad campaign, Pickens is promoting a plan to cut America's dependence on foreign oil by converting trucks to run on natural gas.