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How are Ontario natural gas prices determined?
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Natural gas prices in North America are determined by supply and demand. The spot price is a one-time cash transaction where natural gas is purchased "on the spot". The price fluctuates daily and is influenced by factors such as weather and short term disruptions in the industry.

Longer term prices are determined by economic and population growth and environmental and economic policies. Natural gas prices in Ontario are impacted by both.

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We track NYMEX (including Henry Hub and NYMEX futures), AECO, and DAWN historical and current natural gas prices. We chart the NYMEX forward curve, the AECO daily vs. next month prices, and year on year EIA storage data. We also include a Canadian long range weather forecast from Environment Canada.

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To make it easier to read the report, help give you a better understanding of the natural gas industry, and to take some of the mystery out if it, we've also provided a glossary of commonly used terms.